Join our team of volunteers for an inspiring and rewarding experience in the arts. Make a difference in our community by becoming a volunteer at the Firehouse Arts Center and Amador Theater.


To become a volunteer and sign up for events, follow the directions below under “How to Become a Volunteer”. Feel free to email us with any questions. Please include your name, telephone number, email and area of interest.

All volunteers must attend an orientation prior to serving. Please arrive promptly at your scheduled gallery/theater shift. If unable to serve, please contact the volunteer program coordinator so staff can contact a suitable substitute volunteer. Contact a FAC staff person in case of any other challenges. We are here to support you.

There are three steps to becoming a volunteer with us, once these steps are completed volunteers will be able to see and sign up for available shifts at the Gallery and Theaters:

  • Create an account on our volunteer scheduling website and submit a digital waiver: Better Impact 
  • Attend a Volunteer Orientation training- Orientations are conducted quarterly. Please see more information below
  • Be finger printed- There is no cost to the volunteer. The City arranges finger printing sessions, generally they are scheduled close to the date of orientation. For those volunteers unable to participate in these scheduled finger printing sessions, contact Mark Duncanson, Civic Arts Supervisor, City of Pleasanton at mduncanson@cityofpleasantonca.gov to arrange an alternate finger printing option.

Volunteer Orientation location: Firehouse Arts Center, 4444 Railroad Ave. 

  • Next Orientation: TBA
  • Finger Printing: TBA
  • For information regarding finger printing process, or to inquire about an alternate finger printing date, please contact Mark Duncanson, Civic Arts Manager at mduncanson@cityofpleasantonca.gov
  • Bring the following ID with you to your finger printing session:
    • Under 18:
      • Option 1: Birth Certificate, Social Security Number, and School
      • OR Option 2: Passport and Social Security Number
    • Over 18: Social Security Number and at least one form of DOJ approved photo identification.The following are Department Of Justice approved forms of photo identification:
      1. California Driver’s License
      2. California DMV ID Card
      3. Passport
      4. Out-of-state Driver’s License
      5. Alien Registration/Immigration Green Card
      6. Military ID Card
      7. Mexican Consulate ID Card

As representatives of the City of Pleasanton and the Firehouse Arts Center, responsibilities include making our patrons feel welcome and comfortable, and encouraging respect for the theater and gallery. Below are some of the volunteer positions, and a brief description about each one.

PERFORMANCE GALLERY MONITOR Performance Gallery Monitors welcome visitors to the gallery during theater performances when the facility is open to the public. Monitors are encouraged to become familiar with the exhibits and artists in order to help visitors have an interesting experience in the gallery. Aged 21 and over.

USHER Theater volunteers are at the heart of the performing arts experience for patrons at the Firehouse. Ushers welcome the audience, check their tickets, help people find their seats, and assist the house manager in making the event a smooth and enjoyable one. Aged 16 and over for most theater shows, a few youth shows are 14 and over.

WILL CALL Distribute will call tickets to patrons from the box office. Check patron identification before handing out pre-purchased tickets. Answer questions as needed. Aged 16 and over

GALLERY ATTENDANT Gallery attendants help welcome visitors to the gallery on weekdays and weekends. Gallery attendants may be asked to help out with various exhibition and event tasks such as mailings or other gallery projects. Attendants are encouraged to become familiar with the exhibits and artists in order to help visitors have an interesting experience in the gallery. Aged 21 or over. Attire: Career or professional casual, comfortable shoes.

ART RECEPTION HOST Serve and replenish refreshments, assist with setup and cleanup. Aged 21 or over. Attire: Career or professional casual, comfortable shoes.

SPECIAL EVENTS VOLUNTEER Assist with larger group exhibits that include artwork receiving, jury processing and notification, and return of work to artists. Other responsibilities might include participating in set-up, serving, greeting, ticket taking and hospitality for special events throughout the year. If you are unable to volunteer on a regular weekly basis, perhaps helping with a special event may be more for you.

Thank you very much for your support!