Linda Ryan

NorCal Coastal

July 6 – August 17, 2024

Come meet the artist on Saturday, August 17, 2024 from 1:00 – 3:00 P.M. at the Firehouse Arts Center.

The Firehouse Arts Center is excited to present the solo exhibition of Linda Ryan, NorCal Coastal. This exhibition features nine of the artist’s signature acrylic pour medium paintings. Painstakingly done over the process of months, gossamer-thin layers of acrylic paint are layered to create a translucent seascape. Each work is subsequently encased in a glistening layer of resin that brings the watery scene to life. The artist has stated the following on her work:

The path of art is often a matter of following a flow – of interest, opportunity, and open doors.  All of her painting life, Linda Ryan has been fascinated by the look and illumination of transparent and metallic pigment suspended in acrylic medium. Ryan had been painting abstract figuratives for almost 14 years when a hand injury – and an upcoming art exhibition – convinced her to take the pour painting she’d been playing with and make art.  Eventually, after falling in love with northern California coastal rocks and the waves that sculpt them, she used a 7-month stint as artist-in-residence in Mendocino, California to develop the unique layered pour method shown in this exhibition. 

Each layer uses Liquitex pouring medium, air brush medium, or GAC 1 to suspend and break apart the pigments, and must then be fully dried before applying the next. This can take anywhere from overnight to months, depending on the amount of layers beneath. In general, the medium stays soft and she uses a resin finish to protect the work.”

Linda Ryan

A graphite, pen, and ink artist most of her life, Linda Ryan (Gordon) met her mid-life crisis head-on by learning to paint at age 40. First exploring color, acrylic mediums, and the heady rush of big brushes on canvas, she found a happy focus on motion, energy and abstract figurative works and began supporting herself and her daughter through painting sales.  She spent well over a decade working in the abstract figurative genre.  She also started Livermore’s ArtWalk, the Bothwell Arts Center, and ran the Bothwell, Bankhead Art exhibitions, and arts events.

The love of playing with mediums drove her to experiment with pour painting. During her 7 months as artist-in-residence at the Mendocino Art Center, she focused on developing a unique layered pour method. This exhibit shows the result of that intense focus.

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