Guidelines for Artists

The Harrington Gallery is an approximately 2,000 square foot space divided into two rooms. The smaller room is part of the preserved original building with brick walls strengthened by a concrete support. It is 814 sq. ft., and has 59 linear ft. of wall space. This room contains a picture railing and wire cable art hanging system. The ceiling is dropped and 9 1/2’ high. The larger gallery is 1,240 sq. ft. and has 70 linear ft. of wall space, and approximately 12’ ceilings. Both rooms have two adjustable middle wall panels, each adding 20 linear ft., and a variety of pedestals are available for three-dimensional work. The floors are level, smooth maple wood, and there are electrical outlets in the walls and floors at regular intervals in both rooms to allow for work requiring electrical power.


Downloadable PDF Harrington Gallery Submission Requirements

If you are interested in exhibiting at the City of Pleasanton’s Firehouse Arts Center, Harrington Gallery, please provide the following information:

  • A current resume, listing solo and group exhibitions, education, teaching, or professional experience, commissions, etc.
  • Contact information including mailing address, phone number, email address, and website address if applicable
  • A brief artist’s statement
  • 8 high-resolution (300 dpi) digital images of your work. Each image should include your name, title of work, date, medium, and dimensions. It is not our policy to return submitted hardcopy materials, CD’s etc.
  • If your proposal is for a group of artists, please include the above information for each member, as well as a general statement about the theme/idea/inspiration behind the proposed exhibit.
  • If you are proposing an installation, please include sketches or photographs, list the materials involved and a general idea for the project including spatial requirements.
  • Response to your submission can take up to 6 months. We will notify you if we can include your work in an upcoming exhibit or if we cannot accommodate it.
  • Please Note:
    • Although your work may have great potential for exhibition, the gallery schedule is planned approximately 2 years in advance, so there may not be immediate openings for invitational exhibits. However, we will keep your information on file in the event of a vacancy.
    • In most cases, the Harrington Gallery does not accommodate solo exhibits; the majority of all submittals of work will be considered as part of a group exhibit of 3-10 artists or larger.

Please Mail or Email the Above Information to:
Attn: Harrington Gallery
City of Pleasanton Library and Recreation Department
Firehouse Arts Center
P.O. Box 520
Pleasanton CA 94566


All two – and three – dimensional media will be considered, including electronic, light, performance, video, photography, and site-specific installations. The gallery cannot accommodate jewelry at this time.


Unless otherwise specified, works will be considered for sale at the price indicated and 30% of the selling price will be retained by the City of Pleasanton. In the event of a sale, the artist must complete and return a W-9 form, required by the City of Pleasanton in order to pay the artist’s commission.


  • There is a separate rental and nominal artist participation fee for each exhibition at the gallery, which helps cover cost of promotion, insurance, and upkeep of the exhibition space. Contact the Harrington Gallery for further information on specific fees.


  • Two-dimensional work must be framed and wired for hanging above the top one-third of the piece, with sufficient gauge wire (no sawtooth or string hangers), and flat d-ring hardware with the opening a minimum of 3/16″ in diameter.
  • Work must be original, current and must not have been shown previously at the Firehouse or other Pleasanton galleries or exhibitions.
  • All work must be labeled with artist’s name, title, medium, price, and phone number
  • Larger works including works over 40 pounds, 4-feet by 4-feet in dimension, or require special handling must be cleared with staff.
  • Damaged, cracked, wet or ill-prepared works, or work with unstable frames, will not be accepted. Works with unprotected surfaces that smear or damage easily will not be accepted.


  • All work must remain for entire exhibit; no early removal.
  • Work must be removed at time designated on entry form or artist contract. There is no storage space at the facility; therefore, late pick-up penalty fees may apply. Artists may designate someone to pick their work up if they cannot do so; appointed person must show identification, artwork claim check, or a note or email from the artist.


The City of Pleasanton obtains its insurance through a self-insured pool. Work will be insured for sales price less 30% from the time of delivery, in duly noted condition, until the specified pickup date. Work remaining after this date will not be insured. In the case of an insurance claim, proof of prior sales/valuation of work would be required. The City of Pleasanton retains the right to refuse acceptance of an art submittal if it deems that the asking price does not reflect the true value.


  • Artwork is prescreened and evaluated by gallery curator and staff based on artistic merit, quality, and originality, treatment of subject matter, craftsmanship, professional presentation, and relationship to the particular theme or subject matter of an upcoming exhibition.
  • The City of Pleasanton reserves the right of final selection of all artwork to be displayed in the galleries and hallways and other City venues and facilities. Exhibit location of each work of art displayed within the facility is also at the City’s discretion.
  • As pertains specifically to the HARRINGTON GALLERY:
  • Artworks are prescreened and evaluated by the gallery curator, or his or her designee, based on artistic merit, quality, originality, treatment of the subject matter, craftsmanship, professional presentation, spatial limitations of exhibit areas, and relationship to the particular theme or subject matter of an exhibit.
  • As pertains specifically to the LOBBY AND HALLWAY EXHIBITION AREAS:

Note: The lobby and upper hallway exhibition areas are not exclusively gallery spaces and are not public forums. Both spaces are the primary passageways for members of the public, including many children, to reach the Firehouse Theater and art studios. Accordingly, the City of Pleasanton discourages artwork entries that include significant elements of sexually explicit, overtly political or religious imagery and content, graphic depiction of violence, or profanity.