Women Artist Show & Tell

Women Artist Show & Tell

Saturday, July 10 - Saturday, August 28

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Women Artist Show and Tell

July 10- August 28

Making art is something that is typically done alone, in the studio, and then presented to the public as a finished piece of work.  Being in a critique group gives us a chance to get feedback from others while the work is in progress.  To see how others respond.  To discuss common problems that occur during the process of making art, and find out how other people have dealt with them.  To exchange ideas, and share solutions.  Finding support and community is so important.  Even more so in this day and age where people are so busy and disconnected from one another.

Participating Artists: Kay Athos, Carol Jones Brown, Lauren Cotter, Rita Davies, Barbara Haber, Mariko Hibbett, Natalie Juntz, Karen Kramer, Denise Owen, Connie Ryan, Susan Sarti, Rita Sklar

Firehouse Arts Center