Grad Night 2023 Set List

Grad Nite
1Back in BlackLauren, Nikhil, Ella T., Sebastian
2Happy EndingAnanya, Alexa, Nadia, Natale, Kalia, Sophia
3LeahElla T., Ella S., Natalie, Nadia, Alexa, Lauren, Kalia, Lauren, Ananya,
4Buddy HollyNadia, Ananya, Lauren, Ella T., Ananya
5Wide Open SpacesElla T., Kalia, Alexa, Ella S., Natalie, Nadia
6Bananas PancakesElla S., Sebastian, Nadia, Natalie, Ella T.
7When We Were YoungElla T, Ananya, Alexa, Sophia, Natalie, Lauren
8Life Appreciation Moment Ella T. & Natalie
9My WayElla S., Ella T., Sebastian
10JammingElla T., Sophia, Ella S., Alexa, Nikhil, Nadia, Natalie, Sebastian, Ananya Lauren, Kalia
11Feel It StillElla T., Sophia, Ananya, Ella S., Nikhil, Natalie, Sebastian, Kalia
12Hold My HandElla S., Natalie, Nikhil, Ananya
13GoodbyeElla T., Natalie, Ananya
141,360 MilesNatalie, Ananya (chord arrangements)
15AngelinaElla S., Ella T., Nadia
16JumpNadia, Alexa, Kalia, Sebastian, Nikhil, Ella T.
17All I WantedElla T., Ananya, Lauren, Natalie, Nadia, Sebastian
18Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band / With A Little Help from my FriendsAll

If you enjoyed tonight’s Grad Night performance starring The High School Music Collaborative, consider these shows coming up at the Firehouse Arts Center.

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Citizen Flannel
Sony Holland - A Tribute to Linda Ronstadt