Chieko Shimizu

November 9 – December 22, 2022

Reception: Saturday, November 12, 1-3pm

©Chieko Shimizu, 2022

The Firehouse Arts Center is excited to present the solo exhibition of Chieko Shimizu, Voyagers. Featuring 21 new works by the abstract mosaic artist, this presentation displays a mixture of sculptural and two-dimensional pieces. Done with her signature glass fragments, each shard is carefully inlayed upon a surface washed with color. Appearing to absorb surrounding light and energy, the reflective quality of Shimizu’s artistry emits the artist’s intent and endless curiosity for life.

With regards to her solo exhibition, Shimizu explains of her work—

Voyagers is a collection of visual maps reflecting the unforgettable experiences of traveling. Embodying that disconcerting feeling of disbelief mixed with excitement, the rapid absorption of new stimuli is reflected from the glass fragments on each surface. Coincidentally, a land where people with different values exist gently guide you to become more receptive to new ideas. For me, traveling is a meditational act of learning and embracing yourself in different circumstances.

The elements constructing this body of work were not only from physical muscle memories but also from the transition of perspective and ideas. The captured colors are the hues collected intentionally and unintentionally as a subtle fluctuation of emotions that were subsequently preserved under the glass to be viewed as a filtered memory. Blank spaces of grout are essential to represent the muted moments of everyday life, and to emphasize the experience upon reaching one’s destination. Finally, the scattered pieces of frosted glass reflect the movement of the body, the speed of time, and the overall flow of the journey.

Each piece in this solo exhibition will be a representation of this introspective experience and an answer to the question, “How was your trip?”

©Chieko Shimizu, 2022
©Chieko Shimizu, 2022


Chieko Shimizu is an abstract glass mosaic artist living and working in Santa Clara, California. Growing up in Japan, Shimizu learned to appreciate the transition of colors across the seasons. This glass mosaic art form has taught her to treasure the small miracles in nature that we easily overlook by getting caught up in our daily lives.

Glass mosaic is a combination of abstract painting and mosaic art that has been practiced for over years. The initial layers of color represent nature’s essence that the artist has captured from around the world. These precious memories of life are then reinterpreted with a layer of crushed glass to mimic reflections of light in a fleeting dream. Grout runs through the imperfect shapes and sizes of glass like a bloodstream giving life to every work. Each glass mosaic piece is created to preserve nature’s spirit under a glass encasement, enabling art lovers from around the world to bring a fragment of nature into their homes.

©Chieko Shimizu, 2022