Adult Programs

Watercolor Workshop

Michael Reardon – Watercolor Techniques

Hosted by the California Watercolor Association

  • When: January 31 to February 2, 2020 • 3 Day Worskshop
  • Level: Advanced Beginner to Advanced
  • Registration Fee: Non-CWA Members $485 , CWA Members $425

Register Here This link takes you to CWA’s registration page.

Happening concurrently with the 50th Anniversary of the California Watercolor Association’s National Exhibition, Michael Reardon will share information from his latest book, Watercolor Techniques, during this three day workshop. He will share some of his insights into painting and how to enjoy it. Through demonstrations and hands-on painting, Michael will show ways to simplify and create dynamic compositions, work quickly and decisively, and capture the essence of a scene convincingly. He will cover the use of a limited palette, dynamic color mixing, and the use of light and value to describe form.

Learn more about Michael Reardon  and to learn more about the workshop and for a materials list, visit California Watercolor Association