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Currently in the Harrington Gallery

 California Watercolor Association's 45th National Exhibition.

January 15th to February 21st, 2015

Seventy-five artists from California, including the Bay Area, and beyond have been accepted by this year's judges Eric Weigardt (selection) and Gary Bukovnik (awards).  A wide variety of styles and types of water media are represented.   

 Admission is free, donations appreciated.




Forks and Spoons, by Anthony Regone

Participating artists: Patricia Abraham,  Melissa Adkinson, Genady Arkhipau, Ruth Armitage, Denise Athanas, Sally Bills Baily, Sally Baker, Joyce Barron Leopardo, Marnie Becker, Mary Blake, Eugene Bortnick, Pattie Bowler, Francesca Brayton, David Broad, Niz Brown, Kathy Byrne, Nancy Caldwell, Sally Cataldo, Angela Chang, Leslie Cheney-Parr, Nancy Crookston, Taryn Curiel, Elaine Daily-Birnbaum, Colleen Dixon, Linda Erfle, Michael Friedland, Qian Gao, Steve Garner, John Grinstead, Dmitry Grudsky, Susan Harper, Marilyn Hill, Jane Hofstetter, Xiao Xing Hu, Iretta Hunter, Charlotte Huntely, John James, Naum Katsenelson, Barbara Kempe, Ona Kingdon, Sue Matthews, Geoffrey McCormack, Robert McIntyre, Nancy Near, Woon Lam Ng, Birgit O'Connor, David Peterson, Robin Purcell, Anthony Rogone, Charles Rouse, Kathy Sakai, Andre Salvador, Joseph Santos, Doug Shoemaker, Mark Smith, Vita Sorrentino, Jan St. Onge, Carol Staub, Teresa Steinbach-Garcia, Ron Stephens, Margaret Stermer-Cox, Hazel Stone, Ellen Strier, Tan Suz Chiang, Michael Tang, Salvador Valencia, Myrna Wacknov, Marilyn Walsh, Steve Walters, Marilyn Wear, Kevin Weckbach, Erin Williams, Suzanne Wilson, Val Wright, Anita Zymolka-Amrhein.


Lobby and Hallway Exhibits


  KohlerFranki_OakleafHydrangeaII_WEB Franki Kohler

January 15 to February 21, 2015

Work by fiber artist, Franki Kohler, is on exhibit in the lobby and upstairs alcove of the Firehouse Arts Center. Franki's colorful nature inspired art quilts are not to be missed, her stitchwork, eye for color, and use of fabric is beautiful.









DeborahGriffin_BathingBeauties_WEB Deborah Griffin

January 15 to February 21, 2015

Photo montage and collage artist, Deborah Griffin, is on exhibit in the downstairs hallway and upstairs alcove of the Firehouse Arts Center. Deborah works with ephemera and photographic elements, both vintage and current, to create narrative works that explore archetypal characters.








Pleasanton Art League Wall

SailorsLJ_ColorMyDay_WEBLinda Jeffery-Sailors

January 7th to January 31st, 2015

Ms. Sailors is a member of the Livermore Art Association (LAA), the California Watercolor Association, Alamo Danville Art Society, and the Pleasanton Art League. She served as president of the Livermore Art Association from 2003 to 2005. She continues to serve on the LAA Board of Directors. Her work includes landscapes, florals, wine-related and travel scenes, and a variety of abstracts.