Wing Yan Fan


Everybody was once a child. As they grow up in this fast paced world, they forget how to look at the raw beauty of the world. Do you want to pause for a moment and take a look at something that is calm, elegant, and mind-relaxing?

If you view the world through a child’s eyes, you will see love and magic in the most ordinary things. You will find extraordinary miracles in the most ordinary places.

The series Freeze the Moment is painted with oil medium on canvas. In each painting, a child-like drawing is juxtaposed against a realistic and traditional floral still life setting. The floral still life setting depicts a grand and asymmetric arrangement of flowers in bloom. Whereas the child-like interpretation of the overall setting acts as a symbol of a child’s visions. The juxtaposition of the child element within a traditional scene shows how children and adults see the same world differently.

In today’s busy world, it is hard to spend enough time to enjoy life, to make life. Through my art, I hope to freeze the beautiful moment of flowers in bloom to let people slow down, enjoy life, and to re-discover the world again through a child’s eyes. You may even find the self that you may have lost.