Lahnee Baik

The Last Time

This portrait is the last time of my mom. I cannot forget that time because I was shocked by her appearance. I took over a year to accept her appearance. The faces of people dying from illness are far from beauty, but I wanted to express the beauty as it was. This is the third portrait of my mother, which makes me look back at the last time of her life. I also realized that life is infinite and vain through this picture. I completed this painting for my mother who devoted herself to her child and had her last moments.

Lanhee Baik’s major is nursing, and she is wanted to go to art school from her childhood. She came to the U.S. seven years ago. Back then, she did not know how to speak English, so she started taking ESL classes at the LPC. In these classes, she did her writing homework about her hobby. She believed her hobby was painting and drawing, but she has not painted for more than twenty years. Therefore, she took art classes (Drawing, Figure and Composition, and Oil Painting Classes) at the LPC. Her goal is to try to get the AA degree of art painting at the LPC. Also, she will continue to paint.