Art on the Hinge

Check out doors decorated by The Harrington Galleries Staff:

Name: Rachel Montez & Family (Visual Arts & Gallery Curator)
1) Tell us about the process and materials your family used for your creation? 
My son, Leo (2 yrs) and daughter, Emma (1 yr) used finger paints to decorate white paper and I cut out their favorite animals using a donut box (so thankful for donuts!) My favorite part of the process was watching my children enjoy getting messy with paints and watching neighbors reactions to our new decorated door.  
2) How did you come up with the subject matter for your creation? What’s your inspiration? 
Our kiddos LOVE all animals and I thought they would get excited to see their favorites cut out alongside their artwork. They are both looking forward to going back to the zoo when the shelter-in-place if lifted. 
Name: Julia Tavares (Art Gallery Assistant)
1) Tell us about the process and materials your family used for your creation? 
Being an artist I own lots of paints, papers and tools but I really wanted to use materials that everyone would have laying around their house. I used construction paper, markers, crayons, pencils, scissors and tape. Everything was put together on the my bedroom floor and front porch. I could not have had this much fun without my handy sidekicks Kitten and Captain, my cat and dog.  

3) What is a recipe you want to share to make at home? 
My family has been doing a lot of baking. My favorites are: 
We love banana bread! My secret is to double the bananas and add chocolate chips! 
Cinnamon rolls are also a big weakness, especially ones with orange in them!