Art in Place

Welcome to The City of Pleasanton, Harrington Gallery’s virtual online exhibition. Included are ninety artist’s works created during the early weeks of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

“Art in Place’ was created by The Civic Art Team to showcase the work of talented Bay Area artists during these challenging times. Art has become a beacon of light for many. Please enjoy.

Many of the works are for sale, and artists emails and or websites are listed for inquires.

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Deborah Barone, Marisa’s Rose, Oil on board, 20X16,,
Karen Neilsen Barry, Anaheim Chili Peppers, Limited edition 2-color gradient linocut print, 9.5X10,,
Flora Baumann, Rice #5 Greening, Oil on linen, 11X14,, 
Nicki Bernacchi, SNOW ME, Oil on canvas, 36X36, 
Diane Boyer, Magnolia, Watercolor, 8X10, 
Nancy Brown, Domestic Comforts, Photography, 14.5X9.5,,
Margie Caldwell-Gill, Through a New Prism, Collage and mixed media on canvas, 10X10,,
Maura Carta, trompe l’oeil, Oil on panel, 9X12,,
Shriya Chittapuram, Citrus, Watercolor, 7.5X10.5,
Wei Ting Chuang, Welcome spring, Ink and color, 11X8.5, website,
Sandra Clark, Tarwater Hill, Acrylic, 24X36, NFS, 
Sharon Cohune, Gardens of Giverny, Oil on Linen, 10X90,
Maddie Collins, Wood Sorrel, Watercolor, 9.5X12.5,
Jane Corich, Adrift, Oil and Cold Wax Medium, 22X30,,
Valerie Corvin, Circling Back, Mixed Media on Panel, 12X12,,
Sherry Cummings, Journey 2, Acrylic, 20X24, 
Attila Cziglenyi, The Boxed Tree Forest, Cal Nursery Historical Park, Oil, 16X20,,
Pushpa Dalal, Building Bridges, Watercolor, 6X4, NFS, 
Alisha Ellard, Paper for on the Go, Brass and paper napkin, 4.5X2.5,
Niloufar Farzam, Palpable, Oil on canvas, 24X36,, 
Judith Feins, Salmon Lake Sparkle, Oil on board, 11X14,, 
Kathleen Flint, Wine Country, Oil, 24X36,, 
Michael Friedland, The Shrine of Atotonilco, Watercolor, 15X20,,
Barbara Jostrom Gates, Finding Solace in Beauty, Watercolor on Paper, 9X12, NFS,
Richard Geiger, Sunset at Morro Rock, Watercolor, 22X16,, 
Carla W. Gelbaum, Wish You Were Here No.6, Acrylic on canvas, 30X40,,
David Goosman, Red Cedar #2, Wood, 9X10, NFS, 
Marina Grabovskaya, Light at the end of the virtual tunnel, Photography, photo art, photo manipulation, 3712 x 2491 pixels,
Gene Gracey, Flowing Stream Below Half Dome, Photography, 18X24,,
Srimythri Grandhi, Corona and Effects on Earth, Mixed Media,
Dimitry Grudsky, The Premier, Watercolor, 22X30,
Juanita Hagberg, Continuation of Time, Watercolor, 26X40,,
Sharon Hind-Smith, Pleasanton Home, Watercolor, 11X15,,
Linda Hopwood, Solo 2, Acrylic, 30X15X3,
Marilynn Host, Secure, Shadow box, encaustic mixed, 12X12X3,
Robby Houghton, Hand Painted Garden Stakes, 
Angela Johal, The Stars Collide No. 2, Acrylic polymer on canvas, 60X60,
Janey Kaiser, Sanctuary 1, Watercolor, 11X14, 
Sherri Kelcourse, Chocolate Truffles, Oil on wood panel, 6X6, 
Elizabeth Kennen, Ocean Escape with a Sea Turtle, Oil, 16X20, NFS,,
Jon Kerpel, Continuum, Mixed media/found objects – wood & metal, 73″H x 17″diameter,,
Anna Kim, Corona, Acrylic on canvas, 20X20,, 
Judith Kunzle, Hula, Multimedia (drawing on paper, digital composition and watercolor painting), 8X16,,,
Jan Lainoff, Degas’s Own, Mixed Media, 20×29 framed,,
Julie Limberg, Callas, Watercolor, 15X11,, 
Yang Liu, D.W. Davis Descanso Camellia, Paper and wire, 8X16X7,
Peggy Magovern, Portrait of Georgia, 100% Colored Pencil, Cropped Dimensions are 18X18,,
Monique Makepeace, Vying For Attention, Colored Pencils, 9X12,
Ann Maloney-Mason, Shelter in Place #1, Acrylic, 10X7,,
Catherine McCargar, Aging in Place, Acrylic, 18X24,,
Craig Mcintire, Sangria, Acrylic & oil pastel on gallery wrapped, shallow canvas,24X30,
Joe Milelli, Untitled, Fused glass, 10X14,
Meghana Mitragotri, Violas 2, Watercolor, 14X11,,
Don Monkerud, Taipei-Night Scooter, Photography,
Aldo Mora-Reyna, Ouroboros (still), 3D Render made with Blender software, digital image (4000pxX4000px),,
David Nakahara, Higher, Oil, 40X30,
ol glassoboe, Mermaid, Digital, 2323X2323 px, 
Christine Ong-Dijcks, Food For Thought, Oil on canvas, 16X20,,
Alberto Pacheco, Sunol Hills, Watercolor on paper, 11X15,
Nancy Partovi,  Breakfast with Tiffany, watercolor, 14X10,,
Dave Peterson, Shelter in Place, Oil, 24X20,,
Maitrayi Pithadiya, 17-Mile Drive, Oil on canvas, 16X20, 
Julee Richardson, Earth’s Daughter, Ceramic Mask, Oxide stain, glaze and cold finish, 19X15.5,
Lisa Rigge, Morning Flight of Snow Geese, Photography, 11X14 image/ 16X20 mat,,
Ron Rigge, Sunset Palette, Photography, 11X14,,
Nancy Roberts, Lime Ridge Improv, Acrylic on Canvas, 12X12,,
Joanne Lopez Robinson, Dressed in Purple, Oil on Panel, 16X20, 
Sophia A Sattar,
Bonnie Joy Sedlak, Sitting Pretty, Transparent watercolor, 20X15,,
Nidhi Sharda, Back to Basics, Acrylic textures on Canvas, 48X60, 
 Saesha Sharda, A Rainbow of a Zebra, Watercolor, 8.5X11,
Jackie Shepler, Sausalito Stairs at Night, Watercolor and Sharpie, 8X6, 
Jane Sneed, Isolation Springtime, Watercolor, 12X9,,
Mary Snell, Lone Sand Dollar, Watercolor, 5.5X4.5, 
George Staehle, OCEAN MAN, Watercolor, 22X30, 
Kathleen Stumpfel, Shy, Watercolor, 12X16,
Joan and Kiana Tenbrink, Sheltering In Our Space, Collage of Drawings and Photos, 22X28,
Gerald Thompson,  Blyde River Canyon, Oil, 12X9, website ,
Winifred Thompson, Lilies Light Up My Life, Watercolor on Yupo Paper, 14X11, website,
Dee Tivenan, Country of Blue,  Mixed Media on Yupo on Panel, 20X30X1.5,,
Nga Trinh, Hide & Seek, Origami triangle/square and star folds, recycled damaged J-graphic novel book paper, 12X12,,
Josef Twirbutt, Sunset, Digital, 13X13,
Veronica Valenti, *Han Solo voice* BEN, Digital Media, 1000 × 764 pix,
Gregory Vernitsky, Love and Electricity, Digital Photography,,
Nicole Wakeman, Skyline, Acrylic on canvas, 24X30, 
Wanda Waldera, Quiet Resistance, Acrylic, New pastel, and Prismacolor on canvas, 24X54,,
Ann Wamack, IN QUARANTINE, Pencil drawing on heavy paper, 13X10,,
Julia Watson, Solitude, Oil, 12X12,, 
Doyle Wegner, Baron Munchausen, Acrylic and watercolor, 11X17, 
Arlene Wohl, Invasion of the Corona Virus, Printed on wool, stitched and needle felted, crocheted, 15X15 each,