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The Collective 001 Top 3 TV Shows – January 23, 2015

Improv Face-Off presented by Creatures of Impulse

The funniest improv competition of the year!


Come and see Creatures of Impulse in the seventh season of their most popular short-form show to date. Creatures of Impulse will share the stage for three nights of scenes,games, and theatrical high-jinks. You are in for three different nights of pure fun with an inter-active format that gives the audience a chance to win prizes! Come to one, two, or indulge your funny-bone in all five nights!

Day     Date    Time        Line-up

Tu       2/17    7:30pm – COI v Cliff Jumpers of LVCP – Free Preview (NO TICKETS NEEDED)

W       2/18    7:30pm – COI v TBA – Free Preview (NO TICKETS NEEDED)

Th       2/19    7:30pm – COI v Mission: Improvable of California High School

F          2/20    7:30pm – COI v TBA

Sa       2/21    7:30pm – COI v TBA



A totally improvised teen sci-fi musical


Th 5/7 | F 5/8 | Sa 5/9 | 7:30pm

Free Preview Tu 5/5 | 7:30pm

Watch as Creatures of Impulse takes teen improv out of this world! Your suggestions will inspire a teen sci-fi musical each night. They don’t know what, when, or how they will sing throughout the night…but they will! Come and see all three nights guaranteed to send you into outer space!