Downtown Businesses


We are downtown Pleasanton.

We are the very heart of a vibrant and dynamic city with a rich history and a commitment to an unparalleled quality of life.  Our downtown is the treasured center of this special place.

We are tree lined streets, manicured gardens, and wide sidewalks that beckon for a leisurely stroll.  We are nearby parks, trails and adjacent neighborhoods where people know and look after one another.

We are dinner under twinkling lights on a perfect California night with the sound of live music in the air.  We are lunch at a casual café, a hearty country breakfast, coffee, or a walk up ice cream cone.

We are one of a kind shops with independent owners.  We are unique gifts, that perfect outfit, a bottle of local wine, a treat for the kids or even your pet.  We are a place where personal service not only exists but thrives.

We are celebrations where residents and visitors gather for parties under the stars, to watch a parade, or to create cherished family memories.  We are also a place where every day can be a special occasion.

We are the arts and culture where the Museum on Main and our stunning new Firehouse Arts Center showcase the talent that made our great community and the artists that continue to inspire to this day.

We are alluring, authentic, and comfortable.  We invite you rediscover the magic of this special place that is here for you every day.

We are downtown Pleasanton…   the name fits.

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Additional City Facilities in Pleasanton

Amador Valley Community Park Cultural Arts Center

4477 Black Avenue

Veterans Memorial Building

301 Main Street

Century House

2401 Santa Rita Road

Amador Recreation Center

4455 Black Avenue

Pleasanton Senior Center

5353 Sunol Blvd